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Translated from ‘We are all Khaled Said’ facebook page:

A statement from the young man, Aboudi Al-Sharara who was abducted and tortured today in front of Egypt’s cabinet building in Cairo. [Translation of statement coming up!]

There’s nothing in the world that can justify anyone having this done to them. The mentality of personal revenge which the ruling Armed forces have adopted and implemented against anyone who opposes them is the mentality of thugs, not a ruling body [the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces]. For an officer in the Army to carry out such actions, unafraid of the consequences, means that from the 25th January [start of the Egyptian revolution] he saw Egyptians getting killed, tortured, having their eyes shot at and then tried militarily and imprisoned in military prisons without anyone being brought to justice. The families of these people [who were killed and tortured etc.] are now tens of thousands, all they want are the rights of their children.

شهادة الشاب اللي اتخطف النهارده واتعذب من قدام مجلس الوزراء. مفيش أي حاجه في الدنيا تبرر إن حد يتعمل فيه كده. عقلية الانتقام الشخصي اللي الحاكم بتتبناها مع اللي بيعترض دي عقلية عصابات مش نظام حكم. السبب في إن ظابط الجيش مخافشي وهو بيعمل كده إنه شايف إن من 25 يناير المصريين بيتقتلوا وبيتعذبوا وبتتفقع عيونهم وبيتسجنوا عسكريا ومحدش بيتحاسب. أهالي الناس دول دلوقتي بقوا عشرات الآلاف مش عايزين غير حق ولادهم

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