My heart is torn between East and West. I live somewhere between the present and the past. I don't know who I am.

Just another human being biding their time on this earth. Passionate about current affairs, history, politics (particularly MENA region), religion, cute animals and food.

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Female Afghan skateboarder, Fazila, on the ramp, Kabul, Afghanistan

I am not sure who the photographer of this image is, if anyone has any idea, please drop me a message so I can add the photographer’s name to this image. Thank you!

*EDIT*: Thank you to werockthisshit for identifying the photographer of this image;

Photo by: Joel Sames [website]

Also, click here to find out more about Fazila and the organisation that she’s part of, Skateistan.

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    Female Afghan skateboarder, Fazila, on the ramp, Kabul, Afghanistan
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    When they say a picture is worth 1000 words, it’s really this kind of picture that they are referring to.
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