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I hate to say it, but this country is not comfortable with the idea of young, intelligent black people – especially men. They’re treated as the exception to the rule. It’s the same with chavs – I have plenty of white, working-class friends from east London who read Max Planck and Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein. But their story is never going to be told because they’re not supposed to be like that.
In a country where unemployment is 8.1 per cent - that’s 2.6 million out of work - and the central government has made massive spending cuts, including the closure of public libraries and swimming pools and cuts in services for the elderly and people with disabilities, it’s worth asking whether the £9.3bn ($14.4bn) of our money used to host London 2012 could have been better spent elsewhere.
Rajeshree Sisodia questioning the long-term benefits of the London 2012 Olympic Games after the UK governments’ claims that the Olympics will be a boon for the economy. 

A Great Place to Stargaze from Martin Whipp on Vimeo.

"The village of Kielder, just 1 mile away from the Scottish border, is England’s most remote village.

Twice a year, astronomers from all over the UK descend on this beautiful little place, because the night skies are amongst the best in Britain.

Okay - the weather isn’t guaranteed by any means. As you can see there are a few clouds that scoot over from time to time, and there’s quite a number of aircraft whizzing by too, but for astronomy it’s a thousand times better than you’ll find being anywhere near a city.

This piece was shot during the Spring 2009 and Spring 2010 Kielder Star Camps. I used the usual kit of my trusty Canon EOS 350D (nearly 80,000 on the clock now…) and my old EQ2 telescope mount. You may also notice a shot in there using a new dolly track that I have recently built - it needs improvement, but at least my first shot was usable!

I hope this film brings back good memories for all those astronomers who have ever visited this wonderful place.

All images are Copyright Martin Whipp (2010)

Music by Colin Willsher, 2b media services”

This video has also been featured in the Guardian - Click here to read more about it.

Taken at the ‘Women united for Syria’ rally, Trafalgar Square, London UK

"Women (and some men!) from all over the world (France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia….) came together to show their solidarity with their sisters in Syria, who have been the victims of atrocities committed by the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The event had a fantastic turn out, and it raised some much needed awareness about the situation in Syria - one woman, a passer-by even joined us at one point!"

Click here to see more photos form this event!

By: - maybeyourcupoftea photography -

Disobey, Westminster Bridge, London, UK

#BlockTheBill #SaveTheNHS - taken at protest to stop the British government from “destroying the NHS forever” as the coalition’s Health and Social Care bill moves to the Lords this week.”

By: @HeardinLondon

Motionless, Central London, England, UK

"A lone woman stands motionless as the last tube of the evening arrives on to the platform in central London. Fortunately she remained still, giving a nice contrast with the flux of the speeding tube."

By: Paul Hough

Startled, UK

"Starlings leaving a tree"

By: David Biggs

Fox yawning, UK

By: Oliver Wilks 

"A split level image of Cwm Idwal and the Devils Kitchen showing habitat and lacustrine algae “

By: Graham Eaton

Snooze, Southwold, Suffolk, UK

'Having a quiet snooze in Southwold, Suffolk.' 

By:  David Meredith

Rush, London, England, UK

By: fattysaid

Tinted Reflection, Pen Y Fan, Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK

'Walking down Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, earlier this year I spotted this beautifully tinted reflection of the sky in a small puddle. My friend Ben suggested I take his picture, too'

By: Simon Brandon

Gossip, Frinton on Sea, Tendring, Essex, UK

'Two ladies gossip on a bench in Frinton-on-Sea'

By: Benjamin Arthur

Battling through the rain, Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, England

On Curzon Street in London’s Mayfair last year a heavy rainstorm appeared from nowhere. The streets cleared within seconds; doorways filled with unprepared pedestrians, including me. We all marvelled at and discussed the rain apart from the lady with her umbrella who battled through. Thirty seconds later the weather completely cleared and the streets filled up again as we left our temporary shelters. I quickly took this before the rain obscured my lens”

By: William McCracken 

Playing in the fountains, Southbank, London, England

Playing in the fountains on the Southbank, London.”

By: Chris Mole