My heart is torn between East and West. I live somewhere between the present and the past. I don't know who I am.

Just another human being biding their time on this earth. Passionate about current affairs, history, politics (particularly MENA region), religion, cute animals and food.

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Sunset in beautiful Cairo, Egypt. You can see the Pyramids of Giza in the distance. How I miss this place <3

Picture taken by @nazlyhussein at Corniche el-Maadi

Jarjnaz, Syria: Protests prepare placards to be held up in anti-government protests after Eid prayers today in Syria.

Notice how they have their faces covered; if caught, it is very likely that they’d be arrested and subjected to torture by Assad’s thugs simply for expressing their wish to be free. Freedom of expression: something that you and me take for granted every single day but that the heroes of Syria are paying with their lives to get. Please keep the people of Syria in your thoughts and prayers!

Beautiful night protest in Homs, Syria with mobile phones being used to give out light <3

Farewell, Rwanda

Sadly saying my goodbyes on my last day in Rwanda, I was overwhelmed by the children running down the hill after me shouting, ‘Bye bye… Bye bye!’ Turning around one last time to wave, I took my final photo. A shutter speed of 1/80 and a large aperture (5.6) captured a sense of hurried movement among the frozen smiles of the two young boys.”

By: Katrina Struthers

Fox yawning, UK

By: Oliver Wilks 

That’s what I call a smile, Menaka, northern Mali

"These two absolutely lovely girls were two of a billion kids in a Bella family I interviewed outside of Menaka, in northern Mali. They are standing right by the family’s small granary for fonio, a tiny kind of millet, which they collect by hand where it grows wild.

Fonio is one of the most important cereals in West Africa, and I believe all the way across the continent to Sudan and Ethiopia. The grains are tiny, tiny, and people spend enormous amounts of time first collecting, and then removing the husk. This family would generally eat a meal consisting mainly of fonio per day, to try to make it through to the next harvesting season without having to purchase grains.”

By Emilia Tjernström


“Felix Carpio’s portrait of Wafa is simply endearing, and beautifully intriguing. This portrait is an inspiration”

By: Felix Carpio (Taylor Photographic Portrait Prize Entry)

Fjærlandfjord, Western Norway

'Water lurks around every bend in the road in the fjords of western Norway, with the sea reaching hundreds of kilometres inland, often carving its way between steep mountain sides. I took this picture by Fjærlandfjord, an arm of the Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest fjord, on a rather cold, grey afternoon in summer last year. Somehow it still managed to be beautiful'

By: Marie Peyre

This one is for Nabil ;)

Threads of our lives, Egypt

"It was early evening in a Bedouin camp in Egypt, whose occupants weave tapestries for a living. In the background children were playing football on the sand, kicking dusty clouds up into the air. I saw the light catch the colourful threads, stretching off into the distance and thought it looked beautiful."

By: Kerry Grainger


The Real Kite Runners by World Report Viewfinder

AFGHANISTAN: A beautiful video on kite flying in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Sun on mist, Shugruf village, Haraz Mountains, Yemen

"This was shot just after a sunset on the roof of a palace at Shugruf village in the Haraz Mountains of Yemen. No extra lighting was used. The sun has just set (see the top right corner of the image) and mist has started to rise from the valley below."

By: Matjaz Krivic

I don’t usually post things like this but this is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever heard in my life. This athan (Islamic call to prayer) was performed in a church as part of an interfaith gathering of all three celestial religions. It makes me feel so happy, alive and peaceful.

Just listen and fall in love <3

nubes para surfear | surfing clouds, Mexico

It was rainy and cloudy, and suddenly the sun came out. I didn’t think the photo would turn out very well; I didn’t even expect to win the competition here in Mexico [metro photo challenge].

Photography is 50% luck, but it’s the kind of luck you have to work for. I waited six hours for this shot. This mountain is a special place because nature changes so quickly. The photo shows nature telling people “you can do what you want, but I still rule the world

By: matsuidan



"This is beautiful, I love how they’re so evenly spaced."

Gannet Colony, Muriwai, Auckland, New Zealand

By: Snapah 

(via frizztastic)


Moscow, Russia

By swealex