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Israeli army fires tear gas, beats mourners after Mustafa Tamimi’s funeral

On Sunday morning, thousands of mourners lined Ramallah’s streets for the funeral procession of Mustafa Tamimi, a 28-year-old Palestinian who was killed by the Israeli army this weekend. The procession continued to Nabi Saleh, where hundreds attended Tamimi’s burial. The army reportedly fired tear gas on some of the mourners, beat unarmed demonstrators, and arrested seven activists.

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Cairo, Egypt: A woman mourns on the coffin of Coptic Christian Mina Daniel, who was killed during clashes with soldiers and riot police on Sunday

By: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters

Cairo, Egypt: Coptic Christians carry coffins as they make their way to Abbasaiya cathedral during a mass funeral for victims of sectarian clashes with murder committed by soldiers and riot police after a protest about an attack on a church in southern Egypt

By: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters


This is from the New York times photo series “Battle for Libya”. Here a boy flashed a victory sign as he mourned his relative, a rebel fighter killed during a battle, at the funeral in Misurata.

This just makes me want to cry, when will all the injustice end?

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