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Sup everyone!

So I’m aware that a few of you are trying to learn and/or improve your Arabic reading comprehension, and I thought I’d share something I came across that I’m sure you’ll find to be quite useful insha’Allah.

There is a letter written by al-Ghazali entitled ‘أيها الولد’ [‘O Disciple’]. Importantly, the edition shown above is well presented in that it features the Arabic nas [text] (including the diacritical marks) with its corresponding English translation appearing directly beside it; such that, for example, the third paragraph on page 2 is the translation of the third paragraph on page 3 in Arabic (shown above).

Good luck, and enjoy!

Oh, and I almost forgot, you can view it here.

Perfect! I highly recommend this book, it’s full of great advice from one of the greatest writers and thinkers.

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I don’t usually post things like this but this is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever heard in my life. This athan (Islamic call to prayer) was performed in a church as part of an interfaith gathering of all three celestial religions. It makes me feel so happy, alive and peaceful.

Just listen and fall in love <3