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From death, they rebuild life.

Picture taken in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.


Happy valentines day to the man who lost his wife as his home was bombed.

Happy valentines day to the man who watched his sister get raped before his eyes.

Happy valentines day to the man who had his skin burnt with acid and his eyes pulled out in Assad’s prisons.

Happy valentines day to the man who was pushed out of his home to become a refugee.

Happy valentines day to the man who held onto the left over finger and toe of his baby under the rubble.

Happy valentines day to the man who kissed his mothers head and went out to protest and never returned.

Happy valentines day to the man speaking to media every day risking his life.

Happy valentines day to the man running under sniper shots to get bread for his family.

Happy valentines day to the man run over by a tank.

Happy valentines day to the man now left mentally ill after suffering rape by Assad’s forces.

Happy valentines to the man who ran to save a child from the shooting only to end up dead as well.

Happy valentines day to the men who have stolen my heart, the men of Syria in prison, at home, in the street, in a mass grave, in a fridge or in a tent…

The greatest and bravest men of all times.

[Photo taken in Baba Amr, Homs, on the 10th Feb 2012. More photos here ]

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The children of Syria today.

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They died in front of our eyes - families blown to pieces in Aleppo…The face of ten-year-old Kausa al-Kayali was still pretty, a large bundle of thick black hair matted with dust falling over a snub-nosed face, patched red and black by the blast that killed her. Her head was attached to a torso that ended at her stomach. There was nothing else.

The Daily Telegraph’s Richard Spencer reports from Aleppo where he was just yards from the scene of the latest tragedy in Syria after missiles fired by Bashar al-Assad’s air force wiped out 11 women and children.

“There will be a time when the fences choose to sit with us instead of standing between us”  

'Syria' - a poem by Amal Kassir from Denver about a land caught in turmoil and 41 years of war which she performed at the ‘Brave New Voices 2012’ competition at the fabulous Fox Theatre in downtown Oakland. Team Denver won first place with Kassir’s poem receiving a perfect ten from two out of the five judges in the competition.

I have no words. Just watch <3


A MASSIVE PROTEST IN ALEPPO IN SUPPORT OF DAMASCUS. Aleppo (Salah Al Din): July 18, 2012 - In the words of @HamaEcho the protest is “like a human river of freedom”. The brave of Aleppo chant that they are in the service of the lord. Because God is the only one they can rely on since the rest of planet Earth has forsaken them to take on Assad and his forces by themselves.

Thanks @NuffSilence

You guys, this is Aleppo, a city which has been one of Bashar’s main strongholds, a city which for so long had remained silent, a city which quashed with such ferocity any attempt to rebel or protest against Assad’s barbaric regime…but it is now a city that chants in great numbers against the very regime which tried to suppress it, a city that saw its students bravely organising demonstrations and remaining defiant in the face of terrible repression, a city that has broken through its barrier of fear and silence to stand in solidarity with its brothers and sisters all over Syria.

Long live Syria. Long live the revolution 

This picture was taken in the Damascus Suburb of Douma, Syria by Bassam Al-Hakeem. The writing on the wall reads:

'You have killed nothing but our fear,

Douma will never kneel to anyone but Allah.’


This was posted several weeks of ago of a girl crying for help, [her sign reads ‘save the children of Homs’ (an area in Syria) ] Nobody heard her call, nobody saved her. This was her end! Assad’s army and thugs got her, sliced her in half and dumped her body like it was nothing but a piece of rubbish.

May God bless her and raise her to the highest heavens.

And people ask why hell exists.


What struck me most during the #Syria martyrs gallery in #London was the way the British police came and began reading the stories, and calling each other to see a particular story that was “heart breaking” - just looking at that, and comparing to the police of Syria involved in skinning humans, drilling children and raping women…it left me speechless

Syria deserves to be a beautiful prosperous country..and that is what we will make of it..Bashar Al-Assad has destroyed one of the most ancient countries in the world, a country full of history and the kindest of people..


Free Syria ♥ 

maybeyourcupoftea was one of the amazing organisers of the event. It was, to simply put it, brilliant, you did a fantastic job, thank you <3 

Click here to see more pictures from the event.

This video was shot at an event that I attended called the Martyrs Gallery & Candlelight vigil for Syria in Trafalgar Square, London on the 12thDecember, 2011.  It was a very emotional evening, the pictures and stories of some of the martyrs all laid out, people walking silently through them, looking, whispering, crying…it really hit home, each name, each story, each picture.

A few stories to share from this event: 

1) A woman who attended the vigil today saw a photo on the stand of her brother and broke down crying. She had also lost family members during the massacre that was committed in the 1980s in Hama by Bashar Al-Assad’s father, Hafez and his brother.

2) Another older lady whom we attempted to talk to brushed us aside, but she stopped, read the boards and came back pleading ”I am so sorry for being so ignorant, what you have done is beautiful”

3) An older French gentleman passing by Trafalgar square stopped by our martyrs gallery and started crying. He made a lot of people around him cry too.

4) A young man walked by, stopped by one of the boards and asked us if we could take a picture of him next to it. “Why?” we asked afterwards. He looked at us and then looked down at the board and pointed at the picture “I knew him” he said “he was my friend” 

Thank you to all the amazing organisers, you did a fantastic job, the martyrs rahmatu allah alayhum, would’ve been proud, I am sure. Thank you for keeping their spirits alive, we will never forget.

Click here to see more pictures from the event.

Homs, Syria: Images taken tonight from Homs as electricity is cut and where Syrian forces and thugs encircling the city have issued a 72-hour ultimatum for all protests against President Bashar al-Assad to stop, or a new offensive will begin.

This video is seriously heartbreaking. Talbiseh, Homs: Syria - an interview with a resident of a suburb in Homs, an area which has been terribly affected by Bashar Al-Assad’s brutal crackdown on protests since March the 15th of this year. This is not an isolated case, many in Syria today are being forced to live under such horrendous conditions. Please take just 2 minutes out of your time to watch this video. Translation by ‘maybe your cup of tea’:

"The interviewer first asks her how are your children surviving? how are you keeping warm? she replies "as you can see, we have no diesel, no gas, no electricity, we have nothing [she cries] what am i meant to say? we have no water, they hit the main water source…" so he replies "didn’t the army come to save us and you from these armed gangs?" she replies "what armed gangs, the only armed gangs are them and the head of these armed thugs is Bashar" - he then asks "when the army came into Talbiseh [a suburb of homs] what did they do?" she replies "they destroyed it completely, he destroyed everything, shooting women i am scared to go out…look…look…look at what i will cook for my children just look..bashar take a look..[she wails and prays against bashar]…may God starve your children like you are starving mine..may God punish you etc” 

She then says “these kids have no dad, its been 4 months, no 5, or 7 i have no idea no father” .. he asks do you not have any gas to cook? she replies “no it is 800 now or 900 or 1000 [the usual was 300] where do i get this from?” he asks have you not received any help - she replies “no from where? everyone is dying in talbiseh all these women left with children all hungry…i didn’t know they would do this to my husband, i think he is dead..i think they killed him..he hasn’t been returned but i am sure they killed him..” her kid then makes a comment about his dad..and she replies “i just want to know is he alive or dead, if he is alive tell me, if he is dead just tell me..what can i do then? that is God’s will”

‎”Hama, Syria - newborn Aisha al-Mahmoud, died because Assad’s thugs denied the parents entry to the hospital so she could be treated. She had renal failure, she needed urgent aid on the morning of Sunday 6 Nov 2011, she died as a result of preventing her family from passing a checkpoint on the pretext that her father is wanted. WHY?!?! What possible threat did a newborn girl pose??? Syria cries for you Aisha. To the highest heaven.”

And the world remains silent.

Jarjnaz, Syria: Protests prepare placards to be held up in anti-government protests after Eid prayers today in Syria.

Notice how they have their faces covered; if caught, it is very likely that they’d be arrested and subjected to torture by Assad’s thugs simply for expressing their wish to be free. Freedom of expression: something that you and me take for granted every single day but that the heroes of Syria are paying with their lives to get. Please keep the people of Syria in your thoughts and prayers!