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This video is seriously heartbreaking. Talbiseh, Homs: Syria - an interview with a resident of a suburb in Homs, an area which has been terribly affected by Bashar Al-Assad’s brutal crackdown on protests since March the 15th of this year. This is not an isolated case, many in Syria today are being forced to live under such horrendous conditions. Please take just 2 minutes out of your time to watch this video. Translation by ‘maybe your cup of tea’:

"The interviewer first asks her how are your children surviving? how are you keeping warm? she replies "as you can see, we have no diesel, no gas, no electricity, we have nothing [she cries] what am i meant to say? we have no water, they hit the main water source…" so he replies "didn’t the army come to save us and you from these armed gangs?" she replies "what armed gangs, the only armed gangs are them and the head of these armed thugs is Bashar" - he then asks "when the army came into Talbiseh [a suburb of homs] what did they do?" she replies "they destroyed it completely, he destroyed everything, shooting women i am scared to go out…look…look…look at what i will cook for my children just look..bashar take a look..[she wails and prays against bashar]…may God starve your children like you are starving mine..may God punish you etc” 

She then says “these kids have no dad, its been 4 months, no 5, or 7 i have no idea no father” .. he asks do you not have any gas to cook? she replies “no it is 800 now or 900 or 1000 [the usual was 300] where do i get this from?” he asks have you not received any help - she replies “no from where? everyone is dying in talbiseh all these women left with children all hungry…i didn’t know they would do this to my husband, i think he is dead..i think they killed him..he hasn’t been returned but i am sure they killed him..” her kid then makes a comment about his dad..and she replies “i just want to know is he alive or dead, if he is alive tell me, if he is dead just tell me..what can i do then? that is God’s will”