My heart is torn between East and West. I live somewhere between the present and the past. I don't know who I am.

Just another human being biding their time on this earth. Passionate about current affairs, history, politics (particularly MENA region), religion, cute animals and food.

Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog do not belong to me but to their rightful owners unless otherwise stated. All efforts have been made to link the material back to its original source. Please drop me a message if you see any of your material and would like to have it removed!
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St. George’s Church, Cairo, Egypt

"A train leaving Mar Girgis Station in Old Cairo, Egypt"

By: Bakar_88

Motionless, Central London, England, UK

"A lone woman stands motionless as the last tube of the evening arrives on to the platform in central London. Fortunately she remained still, giving a nice contrast with the flux of the speeding tube."

By: Paul Hough


On a train from Tangiers to Marrakech in Morocco, Simon came across this man, deep in thought.

Photograph by: Simon Ryan

Rail Travel, Bangladesh

'This year's competition was won by Bangladeshi photographer GMB Akash. His vibrant and poignant images of rail travel in his home country won unanimous praise from the judges’

Photograph 2Due to overcrowding and extreme poverty, it’s common to see free riders occupying the roof of a train, and even the couplings between cars

Photograph 3“Its no problem. Watch me smoke and pose for you on a moving train,” said Helaluddin. aged 18, who frequently travels on the roof

Photograph 4Some free riders even manage to sleep on their precarious perch

By: GMB Akash